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"CompLab" offers the customers a wide spectrum of services in designing, development and support of web-projects of a different level of complexity: web-sites, the corporate Internet-portals, the distributed databases and Intranet-resources.

We offer decisions:

For all basic platforms - UNIX/Linux, Windows, Novell NetWare
For a wide spectrum of databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase etc.)
With use of such programming languages as C/C ++, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, DHTML, PHP, PERL, Python, ASP and others.

Our company renders services in creation, installation and configuration of hardware-software complex web-resource. Depending on requirements of the customer we can place web-resource:

On own servers,
On the equipment (server) of the customer.

Thus special attention is given to the questions of maintenance of computer safety and integrity of the system. We can provide consulting for the customer company staff regarding the web-resource.
We offer professional development and implementation of information projects in view of all requirements of the customer, including creation and support of local networks of any configurations, installation of network servers (on platform UNIX/Linux, Windows, Novell NetWare etc.), adjustment of the network equipment, installation and adjustment of all complex as a whole, and also the subsequent support and administration.

Process of implementation of the information project can include some stages:

Research of existing information structure and available hardware of the customer company with the purpose of definition of a direction for further development and optimization of an existing infrastructure in case of such necessity.
Construction of a function chart and topological structure for office LAN, selection and delivery of all necessary computer and network equipment: from cable and sockets - up to the complex active network equipment, servers and the system software.
The qualified installation of the structured cable system: trace of cable distributing, a lining of cables as an open way, and in cable channels.
Installation and configuration of active network devices.
Installation of client and server system software.
Final functional checkups for the whole information system.

Additionally our specialists can perform works on modernization, subsequent support and administration of the created system.
"CompLab" provides following telecommunication services:

The Internet on-line:
Permanent 24-hour connection with use of the allocated channel directly from customer's office or the technical centre up to "CompLab" centre with speed from 64kbps with up to 2Mbps.

The Internet dial-up:
Modem connection with "CompLab" centre via digital telephone channels with speed up to 56kpbs.

Together with the services of direct access to the Internet, "CompLab" provides all kinds of additional Internet service: primary and additional e-mail (MX) servers for the own domain, routing of additional address space, maintenance of primary and secondary DNS zones, access through a PROXY-server.

Web-hosting on servers of "CompLab" with remote administration capability.

"CompLab" operates technical support service for customers.

Service Provision Terms

Internet Access, Installation and service activation are done within 1 to 5 days.

Service troubleshooting is done within 1 day. If the service quality degradation is due to a 3rd party (f.e. upstream providers, fiber cable cuts), a corresponding networking update will be posted by e-mail.

Restoration of interrupted service providing within 1 to 2 days.

For customer support / network abuse please call us at +37410 281921 or email info@cln.am
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