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Welcome to the website of "CompLab" LLC!
The main trends of our activity include:

Provision of qualitative services in the field of telecommunications
Provision of professional services in the field of information technologies
Development of Internet-guided applications of a various level of complexity -
from simple websites up to the multi-user systems under the control of databases.
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Design, development and support of web-projects of a different level of complexity: web-sites, the corporate Internet-portals, the distributed databases and Intranet-resources. Creation, installation and configuration of hardware-software complex web-resource. We offer professional development and implementation of information projects in view of all requirements of the customer, including creation and support of local networks of any configurations, installation of network servers (on platform UNIX/Linux, Windows, Novell NetWare etc.) Permanent 24-hour connection with use of the allocated channel directly from customer's office or the technical centre up to "CompLab" centre with speed from 64kbps with up to 2Mbps. Modem connection with speed up to 56kpbs.
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